The Shape Of Your Belly Button Reveals Everything About Your Personality

who can imagine that the belly button shape can actually show you a lot of secrets about your personality, and not just about your body?
often your attitude, behavior, and temperament can be predicted by your belly button even if there’s no scientific confirmation that proves that.
maybe you can’t wait for any more to hear about your personality, and take a look at your belly button. so let’s discover together what it tells you.

1. Protruding navel

The belly button that sticks out reveals a strong personality and an extraverted, optimistic character. People with this navel shape are often like to be in the center of attention and always get what they want. They struggle to find the perfect partner but when they do, the relationship promises to be a long-lasting one.

2. Deep and big with a round shape

If your belly looks like a circle you are a person with balanced mood and open life without any disturbances.
You are frustrated and you don’t let anybody bothers you , keep this side of your life to yourself.
Sometimes you prefer to abandon everything around you only to be comfortable.

3. Small and long navel

this on is tightness and maybe fairly shallow
Some people with this navel shape always fighting to confront their own dreams
They are perfect and hate some situations where they cannot control
Despite of their success they might be not comfortable.

4. Downward shape

Physically, people with this navel shape are quite low in energy. They are not very excited about doing manual work but can shine brightly in the activities that require intelligence. They can be lazy sometimes but have a very sharp mind.

5. Off-center oval navel

If you have a deeply belly button oval there’s a good chance to be happy while directing others.
You could find happiness as a teacher, parent or a social worker

6. Wide and horizontal belly button

These people are very cautious and alert. They don’t trust easily but they care a lot about those who are close to them. At the same time, they live by the principle “treat others in the way they treat you”.
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